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The Netherlands

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Bio Brass BV is a 100% organic fresh vegetable producer. Our aim is to combine the efficient way of working with a sustainable organic crop rotation. 

Bio Brass operates as a long term, but independent, grower within the organic rotation of several organic farms. In this way we are able to operate on efficient scale as a specialist in vegetable production, all based on a sustainable organic crop rotation. The geographical location, polder area in Holland, where Bio Brass production is situated creates the basis for a sustainableorganic supply chain.

Our pack at source concept, warehouse which is inspired and designed to prevent loss on shelf life, quality and hygienic standards, organic land base up to 500 ha production of brassica’s, and knowledge of supply chain design and consumer behaviour, make is possible to prevent an unnecessary difference between costing in organic production and conventional production.

Our current product range consists of cauliflower, broccoli, pointed cabbage, savoy cabbage, red cabbage, white cabbage and pumpkins. All products are grown for the fresh market and processing industry purposes. Bio Brass also supplies a wide range of salads, baby leaf and spinach from our partner grower in the UK and Spain and partly from own production in Holland.

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