Our mission and vision

Bio Brass’ objective is to make connections within the food chain as efficiently as possible and to combine this with tranquillity, space and variety in the farming. This combination has ensured that an ever increasing number of people can now enjoy the beautiful, healthy, affordable, but above all delicious, organic vegetables.

What we do


Bio Brass organises the growing of cauliflower, broccoli, other types of cabbages, celery, parsnip and various different lettuces within an extensive crop rotation with other crops. The scale and specialisation used to make this happen have been made possible by our unique collaboration with affiliated partners.

Short chain

Sustainability goes beyond organic farming alone, and an efficiently harmonised chain forms the basis for a logical sequel. Our products are often processed and packaged on site, during harvesting and on the field whenever possible. This serves to avoid any unnecessary costs, ensures the product spends less time on the road and residual flows can be used as, for example, cattle feed.


Organic farming is something very natural to us. We enjoy sharing the vision and passion behind our farming method with our customers, consumers, policymakers, students, pupils, quite literally anyone. We have produced a small-scale replica of the large-scale activities happening out on the field. We see spending time together to look, talk, feel, smell and particularly sample as the ideal way of explaining why organic farming is anything but complicated and produces beautiful, healthy, affordable and particularly delicious vegetables. Please visit www.debelevingzeewolde.nl for more inspiration possibilities.

Own farming and a short chain as the basis for success.